Complete Tear-offs

Complete tear-offs are necessary on roofs with more than one layer of shingles. Extra care should be given to the surrounding environment to protect landscaping, plants, bushes and flowers. Tarps should always be used on steep pitch tear-offs. (see articles page for more information on tear-offs.)


New Roofs

Sunrise Roofing offers new roof services as well. We can handle every phase of roofing your new home construction project or just the shingle application portion. From framing to sheeting, Fascia to drip edge, felt to shingles, ridge vent and more. We do it all.


Repair work

Repair work includes any type of damage caused by wind driven rains, overflowing gutters, faulty siding, faulty windows, the chimney, attic fan leaks, step flashing, condensation build-up, solar energy panels, rotten wood and more.


Insurance Work

We will work closely with your insurance company to ensure that no details of your roof are overlooked. All to often homeowners are thrown a few bucks from the insurance company to satisfy their claim and the underlying problems are never addressed. We will work hard to represent you, the homeowner. After all, it’s your home and you deserve to have it repaired properly.


Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are notorious for leaking, and the culprit is almost always the sheet metal flashings. You’ll want to install new chimney flashing if it’s missing, rusted through, falling out or completely covered with roofing tar (a typical short-term fix that’s sure to be hiding bigger problems). It’s also a good time to install new flashing when you put on new shingles because you’ll want it to last as long as the new roofing (25 to 50 years).


EPDM Rubber Membranes

Black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) has been used extensively (billions of sq feet in service) in roofing applications since the 1960s and has survived the world’s toughest climates for over 30 years. Black EPDM roofing membrane is a flexible rubber material available in 45 mil (about the thickness of a dime), 60 mil (about the thickness of a quarter) and 90 mil (about the thickness of two dimes). With its superior flexibility and high strength, EPDM can easily contour to unusual roof shapes. Black EPDM carries a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty against weatherability and factory defects.