Certified. Licensed. Insured. Does it matter?


Worker Compensation Insurance: Ask the right questions. Will their insurance carrier provide a personal letter confirming their workman’s compensation and liability coverages? It’s not enough for a roofer to just tell you that he is insured, or even show you a form letter. You need a document from his insurance provider addressed to you, and there’s nothing offensive about asking for one. After all, if one of his guys falls off the roof and he is not properly insured, the injured party could sue you for medical costs and lost wages. 

Do they use roofing subcontractors?

Sunrise Roofing is one of the few Peoria area companies that utilizes its own employees. Many construction companies and roofing companies use sub-contractors to perform their roofing work.  Ask whether any part of the job will be performed by a subcontractor. If so, make sure you ask these same questions of the roofing subcontractor — particularly ask whether they are insured and request copies of their Insurance certificates. Always follow up with their agent to make sure it is legitimate and in force. 


Are they Licensed? The Law is clear. Even Roofing Sub-Contractors MUST BE LICENSED.  

(1) It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business or act in the capacity of or hold himself, herself, or itself out in any manner as a roofing contractor without having been duly licensed under the provisions of this Act. 

(2) No work involving the construction, reconstruction, alteration, maintenance or repair of any kind of roofing or waterproofing may be done except by a roofing contractor licensed under this Act. 

(3) Sellers of roofing services may subcontract the provision of those roofing services only to roofing contractors licensed under this Act. 

(4) All persons performing roofing services under this Act shall be licensed as roofing contractors, except for those persons who are deemed to be employees under Section 10 of the Employee Classification Act of a licensed roofing contractor. 
(Source: P.A. 98-838, eff. 1-1-15; 99-469, eff. 8-26-15.)


Hiring a GAF Master Elite is a smart move.

The GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty provides coverage against manufacturing defects for all major GAF components on your roof (not just your shingles) — so you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that, if any covered roofing component fails, it will be covered by the warranty (see ltd. warranty for complete coverage and restrictions). The warranty is available through GAF's factory-certified contractors, and is a low-cost way to get up to 50 years of non-prorated coverage (against manufacturing defects) on your new roofing system. While other Roofing companies will try to up-sell you on this warranty , Sunrise Roofing provides it at no additional charge. We register every roof every time. The paperwork is mailed directly to you from GAF showing that you used Sunrise Roofing , A GAF Master Elite Company to install your roof. It shows the materials installed , quantity , and coverage period. GAF is North Americas largest shingle manufacturer and has been in business for 135 years.